Symphonic orchestra

The symphonic orchestra “Globalis” – 15 years!

The symphonic orchestra “Globalis” appeared in 2000 under the initiative of a great Russian conductor Konstantin Krimts (02.10.1939-04.08.2008). He became the main conductor and the artistic director of the orchestra.
The distinctive feature of the orchestra is their ability to discover new forms of presenting modern as well as classical musical material. As a consequence we have such musical projects as “The Music of the Great Dinasty” (In the Hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior the orchestra performed the works of the Imperator Alexander II, the Great Duchess Alexandra Iosiphovna and the Great Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich), “School Classics”, participation of “Globalis” in a rock festival “Invasion” (together with groups “Aria” and “The King Jester”) and in the concerts dedicated to Viktor Tsoy (20 years without “Kino” and “the Music of “Kino” for orchestra). The unforgettable experience for the musicians as well as for the audience was performance of “Globalis” with great composers and musicians, such as A.Morricone, S. Brightman, M. Pattonom, S. Tankyan, T. Turunen, F. Korobov, P. Ovsyannikov, A. Shaburov, Y. Tkalenko, K. Zharko, D. Banaev.

Due to the musical evolution a symphonic orchestra consists of various “little ensembles”. Brass-quintet, an ensemble of violinists, Dixieland, brass band, chamber orchestra as well as string quartet-the most popular and essential feature in a varied palette of shades of a big symphonic orchestra. The fact that the musicians of the orchestra “Globalis” were invited to perform at the events of high level (including the first people in the Russian Federation as well diplomats of different countries) proves the highest level of mastery of the orchestra “Globalis”.

The list of the main creative works of the orchestra “Globalis”:

  • A joint performance with Sarah Brightman at the concert in Moscow in the boundaries of the World Tour “Harem”
  • The anniversary program of Garik Sukachev “5:0” (Moscow, St.Petersburg)
  • The concert with Taria Turunen in The club “B-1”
  • The concert with Mike Patton in the club “Arena Moscow”
  • The concert with Serge Tankyan in “Crocus City Hall”
  • The participation in the rock festival “Invasion 2010”
  • “Fly, fly” with Lubov’ Uspenskaya (Crocus City Hall)
  • “20 years without “Kino” (sports center “Olympiysky”)
  • “The Golden Ray” (National Award in the area of digital and Internet-TV)
  • “Give me some water…” (with Garik Sukachev and the group “Untouchable”)
  • “Music of “Kino” for orchestra” (Crocus City Hall)
  • “Acis and Galadeya by Gendel” (TV center on Strastnoy)
  • The Concert with Annio Morricone “Music from the movies” (“Crocus City Hall”)
  • Solo concerts with Alsu-The Trilogy with Malinin and Makarsky
  • The joint performances with famous Russian singers: Zemfira, “Mummi-Troll”, Nikolay Baskov, “The flowers”, Chicherina, Zhukov (“Hands UP”), the group “5’nizza”, “B-2” and Chicherina, Soso Pavliashvilli, Linda, “Aria”, Nikolay Noskov, Igor Krutoy
  • The concert and record of CD dedicated to 245-year Anniversary of General Committee of Russia
  • The Concert for two pianos with Orchestra with the American Pianist M. Berkovsky in the Concert Hall of Chaykovsky
  • Participation in the concert in the Great Hall of Conservatory, devoted to 145-year of Russian Musical Society
  • Concerts dedicated to V. Visotsky “I will return”
  • The concert, dedicated to Barbara Streisand and Alla Rid (Art-café “Duroff”)